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Trash in the Bin

2000 / 1 - The PROSAUDESC promoted a project called "Trash in the bin", funded by Health XXI, which aimed at reducing inequalities in health.

The project addressed the African communities in the process of relocation, which prevented the habits and healthy lifestyles. The project comprised four key areas:

  • Production of materials;
  • Awareness campaigns and prevention;
  • Big kid with educational activities;
  • Development of musical lyrics that culminated with the release of a CD with several songs composed and sung by young people from various social quarters.

Through music and the creation of youth events developed the campaign, covering the entire population is questioned in the former. Quinta do Mocho - Sacavém.

The protection of the environment through the selective collection of games with children, lots of contests for adults and clean peddy-paper games for young people, were among the many activities featured this project.