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Healthy Information

2007 / 2008 - The PROSAUDESC is developing since July 2007 the project "Healthy Information." It aims to promote knowledge of the conditions of access to National Health Service for patients foreigners (mainly from the PALOP), from the countries of origin, ie, before shipment to Portugal.

It is creating a support network, which should involve the consulates, government structures, responsible for transferring patients, NGOs, hospitals and other stakeholders.

Therefore, points will be created to access information strategically located and an interactive virtual platform for communication and support to potential applicants.

Under this project was held the First Meeting of Health Professionals Angolan diaspora in Portugal in April 2007 that resulted in the creation of three working groups to prepare concrete proposals for action in Portugal and Angola.

In the second meeting held in November 2007, was made to assess the work I scheduled the meeting and outline prospects for future activities.

It also launched an interactive website in December with the aim to interact with your target audience and partners.

This project was supported, financial ACIDI.IP, Parish of streams and Loures City Council.