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2003/2005 - Another project of great impact on women and the whole community, also held in partnership with AJPAS, but also involving the Municipality of Loures, and the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training Moscavide as Donors, was the formation Home Care assistants.

Selected fifteen women from twenty-five candidates, unemployed or taking advantage of the then Income of Probation, followed the training program for sixteen months, and twelve of the trainees completed the course successfully. Most Home Care Assistants were trained professionally integrated in the institutions of social solidarity and at what stage PROSAUDESC two worked with the home care program in the Residential Terraces Bridge.

This training is specifically designed to assist bedridden, disabled and people with HIV / AIDS and their families.

The dedication, commitment and the achievements of these women, some with little education and / or single parents, positively surprised PROSAUDESC, partners, trainers and the surrounding community that benefited directly or accom panied their services and professionalism . After the first course, the association continued to receive requests from other women to organize new training. Unfortunately, it was not possible to gather the financial resources to implement the initiative.