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Give a Hand

2006 / 2008 - The project "Give a Hand," started in 2006, is designed to provide psychosocial support to patients illegal immigrants, together with medical patients and their carers.

The database resulting from the ongoing survey currently has about 150 people, including patients and caregivers, is planned to publish the summary results at the end of this year.

The activities of the project "Give a Hand" mainly consist of home visits and hospital, during which they provide psychological and social support (food, clothing, footwear, toys, household goods, medicine, social pass). Patients and families are also supported for the marking and going to appointments, contacts, institutional (eg, with the consulates of the countries of origin) and sent to the network of partners working with this population.

Financial support for the fulfillment of this important project in 2006, came from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and ACIDI.

We should highlight the importance of this initiative, which was awarded by the Foundation through the EDP EDP Outreach Program 2006, thereby financing its continuity for the year 2008.